Saturday, 10 January 2015


Comment your entries here if you don't have a google account! 
Watch the video first if you haven't.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


So today we have officially reached 100 followers!
When i first started blogging, i honestly thought getting this much would be possible. But i made it . . somehow. c: I just wanna thank you all for following, commenting, and even viewing the blog.
In honor of this, i have decided to make a fashion contest where EVERYONE can join! You don't need an email to enter, all you need is to comment - but read the instructions first though! :3
The theme is nature.
A fairly easy theme. ^.^

That doesn't mean you can't get creative though!
To enter, you have to comment the following things:
** Your user.
** The NAME of the animal you are entering. Example: Lucky Prettybunny
** Your animal species. Panda, fox, anything!
** I recommend that you change to the animal you are entering BEFORE logging out.
The comment will look something like this: 
(This is just an example)

User: Cloudclaws
Animal Name: Little Snowycloud
Animal Species/type: Arctic Wolf

Fairly easy to enter. c:
But how does it work?
Well, i will take a screenshot of your animal and join it with the other entries. The fashion contest will be held in the Main Blog, and other jammers will comment to vote of a jammer. Last one remaining wins!
First place gets:

Second place gets:

And remember that the theme is NATURE! 
 You have until October 12th to enter! Contest starts after. :)
Good luck! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

And the winner is..

NebulaNight has won Find The Alphas! ^o^

Great job! She almost got them all correct except for one. She will be getting her prizes right now!
And since we almost have 10,0000 views, something new will be coming tomorrow! :)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Round two of find the alphas

Hey guys!
So yep, round 2 is finally here! :D
The people who have passed are . . . 
Nebula Night

Great job you all! Only the people who have passed may enter this round.
Right, now onto the rules . . (they are a bit different from last time.)
1. Descriptions will count.
2. You can only search for the alphas two times - the rest you have to remember.
3. Entries for this round due 25th August.
4. Names MUST be included in entry!
5. Other rules from old contest also apply.

Now here are the images...
(This is Liza by the way)
(EDIT: I'll give a clue for this: Coral Canyons.)


HINT: It's in a land in Jamaa.
Number four is graham by the way, not peck or liza.

Hint: It's from a short animation about AJ


Good Luck!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Find the Alphas!

Hey guys! ^-^
Well, i decided we would have another contest because of how many views the AJR has been receiving lately - so much that we have reached over 7,0000 views!
This contest is a fun one. Here's a hint - it includes searching  & finding things!
Yep, the subject is to find the Alphas in Jamaa!
Before we start, here are the rules:
1. Do not search on the internet for the answers. It's strictly against the rules and is cheating.
2. All entries have to be sent by email. This is because people can easily cheat if it where in the comments - my email is
3. The entries are due 1st of August, 2014.
4. If you do not have an email, comment your username and tell me what time in AJR time is good to meet on AJ for you to tell me your answers. Note: If you live in the northern hemisphere my timezone is the complete opposite of yours. 

Here are the pictures of the Alphas. They are all somewhere in Jamaa or AJ and you have to write where you found them according to the number.





These are your clues. Search Jamaa and the Daily Explorer for anything familiar.
This is what your entries should look like:

1. [Location of the picture goes here]
2. [Location of the picture goes here]
3. [Location of the picture goes here]
4. [Location of the picture goes here]
5. [Location of the picture goes here]
6. [Location of the picture goes here]
For people that have no email, your comment should look like this:
User: [Insert user here]
Time: [Insert time here. It has to be in AJR time which you can find on the main blog, on your right.

If there are multiple people who get it correct, i will have a round two.
Here are the prizes for first place:

And for second:
Good luck jammers!

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Hey jammers!
So the number was 87, and the winner was . . .
Congrats! ^o^
We will arrange a time to meet so you can get your prizes!
The next contest will be when the blog reaches 100 followers. ^-^